The Best Way To Protect and Grade Your High-End Vinyl Records

Professional Archival and Grading Services for your Audiophile Vinyl Record Collection

What We Do

Deep Cleaning

Each record is pampered with hands-free deep ultrasonic cleaning and is forced-air dried leaving your collectible record album extremely clean and static free.

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Multi-level grading to the international Goldmine ensures that your valuable record is graded with accuracy and without bias. Each record receives a certificate. 

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Hi-Res Backup

Each record is backed up and available in hi-res 192k/24bit FLAC or lossless WAV formats with clicks and pops removed. No tonal or noise processing! 

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After deep cleaning, we replace the inner-sleeve for each record with a static-free archival sleeve. Additionally, we include a protective, and resealable outer-sleeve. 

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Repair & Restoration

Click and Pop removal, surface noise removal, audio element rebalancing for modern mixes. Some physical repairs include sticker removal, split spines, separated seams, and lifting sleeve labels. 

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