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A Word From Our Founder, CEO - Andrew Hoffman

At 14, I got my first job and saved up to buy my first HiFi stereo system. At 18 I got my first "audiophile" system and could never understand why my friends weren't interested. Fast-forward to the present, and have been burned countless times on record purchases. It is astounding how a VG+ record on eBay or Discogs can be a G+ at best in reality! 

I decided that if I started an organization to solve these problems, we could not only serve as a 3rd party to grade records, and we could do everything that we could to improve the grade of a collectible record, but also preserve it by offering hi-res backups and proper cleaning and sleeving. 

I hope that others appreciate AAGS certified grading as much as we do, keeping the record sales and collecting 'playing field' fair, one record at a time.

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Our process is designed to improve the quality and value of your record collection. We focus on protection, preservation, and accurate grading. 

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