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AAGS Ultrasonic Cleaning Subscriptions Explained

Originally published August 23, 2020|Our Services

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AAGS Vinyl Record Ultrasonic Cleaning Subscriptions

Let's face it, as audiophiles, we didn't choose the cheapest hobby! But once we start chasing perfect sound, there's no going back! Making sure that our vinyl record collection is the cleanest it possibly can be is no exception. That is why AAGS has started vinyl record ultrasonic cleaning subscriptions. We understand that it's not warranted to have every record in your collection certified and transferred. But it is beneficial to have each record ultrasonic cleaned, even brand new records. How do we clean your records? And, how does the subscription service work? These questions will be answered in this article and more!


The Cleaning Process

Each record received at AAGS undergoes a deep cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaning machines that we use are fully automated and touch-free—meaning that it is not required to touch the disc during the cleaning phase. Also, there are no brushes or sponges that make physical contact with the record grooves. Each record goes through a four-step cleaning process that starts with a mechanical cleaning with a degreaser/surfactant solution, then a heavy ultrasonic deep cleaning with a Tergitol based solution, then a gentle rinse with distilled water and a heavy ultrasonic rinse cycle. Finally the disc is goes through a touch-free forced air drying process. As soon as the disc is dried, it is placed in a fresh antistatic archival inner sleeve.


How Does The Subscription Work?

Once signed up, we supply you with everything you need to ensure that your records get to us and back to you safely. You will receive a shipping carton, with an inner box, two cardboard stiffeners, and a return shipping label. Below are the steps to package and ship your vinyl records.

  1. Load up the first five records that you would like cleaned into the inner box along with the cardboard stiffeners and tape it shut.
  2. Place the inner box into the main outer carton. Use the provided bubble wrap to make sure that the inner box doesn't move around when closed.
  3. Tape the main outer carton shut.
  4. Stick the return label to the outside of the main outer carton, and take the package to your local post office for delivery to our office.

While your records are at our office, the cleaning process is as described in the previous section. Your records get an extensive deep cleaning and a new inner sleeve. We insert a ticket into the outer sleeve of each record that indicates that the record was ultrasonically cleaned, the name of the album, the catalog number, and the date of the cleaning. We inspect the carton and determine if it can stand up to more travel, and if you need a new one, we will replace it for you free of charge. A new return label is then placed in the box, and your clean records are on their way back to you.

Each month we repeat the process.

NOTE: A double LP counts as two records being cleaned.



  1. Place the order
  1. Receive our welcome kit
  1. Ship records to Improve My Grooves to be cleaned
  1. Enjoy the sound quality of your records deep cleaned with high-end ultrasonic cleaning machines.

The best part of the our subscriptions is that they're risk-free! Sign up and try it out. If you're not completely satisfied, stop at any time! We're confident that you will love how your records sound when you get them back!

Give our Ultrasonic Cleaning Subscriptions a try today!


If you are interested in vinyl record encapsulation or any of our other services, please visit us at to learn more about how you can bring your collection to the next level!

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