Ultrasonic Cleaning for Vinyl Records

The Cleaning Process

1. Pre-Wash


Pre-wash consists of distilled water and a de-greasing agent. The surface is then gently agitated mechanically with a vinyl record cleaning brush to break down the initial layer of dirt and grime. 

2. Rinse


After pre-wash, each vinyl record is rinsed with pure distilled water. In most cases, the record is considered clean at this point, however, we go farther with ultrasonic cleaning!

3. Ultrasonic Cleaning


The ultrasonic cleaning consists of filtered distilled water and a wetting agent to breakdown the surface tension of the water. Microscopic bubbles breakdown the smallest particles of dirt, mold, and grime bringing your vinyl record as close to virgin as possible. 

4. Forced Air Drying


Drying is hands free and automated, featuring forced air so there are no water spots. Additionally, the air is filtered so that no impurities being blown back onto the surface of the clean record. No microfiber cloth is used to minimize static ensuring optimal vinyl record storage.

5. Clean Outer Sleeve


While the record is going through the ultrasonic cleaning, we gently use compressed air to clean dirt particles from the inside of the outer sleeve. Additionally, we wipe down the outer sleeve to remove dust and mold particles for proper vinyl record storage

6. Protective Sleeving


After ultrasonic cleaning, each record, and finally, the outer sleeve is slipped into fresh archival inner and outer sleeves. Original inner sleeves are stored carefully inside the outer sleeve and the vinyl records are stored outside the outer sleeve on the backside as best-practice for vinyl record storage. 

Before & After

Grease, Fingerprints, Dust, Mold


This is from a relatively clean vinyl record that you would find generally at a store or in a collection that someone has been handling and would dust before use. 

Squeaky Clean!


After the ultrasonic cleaning, no more grease, fingerprints, dust or mold particles are in the surface of your vinyl record! Light dusting with an anti-static brush before and after use is all that is needed to ensure optimal playback and vinyl record storage. 

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