Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I purchase your service?

  • We deep clean your album with an ultrasonic cleaner. The cleaner automatically dries the record with forced air, and the process is entirely hands-free. 
  • We visually inspect and grade the outer and inner sleeves, the records, and listen to the album for noise and grade all elements with our proprietary AAGS index scoring system. 
  • You will receive a certificate as well as a hi-res backup on a custom USB card in 192k/24bit resolution. 
  • We place all original inner sleeves and liner notes in the original sleeve and put the clean vinyl record in a MoFi archival inner sleeve, place the sleeved disk behind the outer sleeve to decrease ring wear and then place the album along with the certificate and the backup card in a sealable archival outer sleeve. 

What is the AAGS Score?

Generally, we grade just the disk when selling a record. On some sites, we can grade the outer sleeve and the disk. Both methods still don't give much information to the buyer. 

AAGS inspects the outer sleeve, inner sleeve and disks visually. Additionally, we take into consideration whether or not the inner sleeve is original and appropriate for the iteration of your album. We also take into account the liner note, posters, and lyric sheets to determine if they are present and define their condition. We go even farther and listen to the entire disk, and establish an audible grade for the disk. By entering these factors into our proprietary AAGS scoring index, we assign the AAGS score for your album with a single number. 

I can clean, sleeve, and grade my own records, why should I pay AAGS to do it?

To get an accurate AAGS score, and to provide the hi-resolution audio backup, the disk must be clean. While we're at it, we provide archival sleeves as a part of our service. Many audiophiles pay similar costs to purchase hi-resolution audio downloads. The selections are limited and generally not sampled at the full 192k/24bit resolution. So for the small amount that we charge, you get your album cleaned, graded, sleeved, and backed up in the highest resolution PCM standard commonly available, and we deliver the backup on a physical medium, a custom USB card that is serial number matched to your album and has all clicks and pops removed. Each record that is backed up includes the album artwork, track names and each track is split. 

How cool is it to have an actual back up of your album that you get to listen to in all of its glory without wearing out your record. You can also take it with you and listen to your vinyl at work, in the car, or anywhere else you like. 

Just say the word, and we can also include high sample rate MP3 files to maximize your listening options at no additional charge. 

What is the best way to ship my records to AAGS?

  • Use a carton that can hold multiple albums. 
  • Try to use cardboard stiffeners on each side of the package. 
  • We have had good results shipping via USPS Media Mail. 
  • It is your choice to add shipping insurance

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is based on volume. The more albums you send, the more you save! For example, if you send 1-4 albums that are estimated to be worth up to $100 each, you will pay $25 for each record. If you send us 5 or more albums the price goes down to $20 each! The more your album is worth, the price goes up a tad but makes it that much more important to archive and back up your valuable vinyl records. A full price guide is available by clicking here.

How do I place an order with AAGS?

Go to our pricing page and select the package you want and press the PayPal button to make a payment. For orders with multiple albums, please contact us. If you have any questions or want to discuss your options, drop us a line! 

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