Record Grading Services

What's Involved

Visual Inspection


Visual record grading includes a thorough visual inspection of each disk, as well as outer sleeves meeting the international Goldmine standard. AAGS technicians go an additional step and visually grade the inner sleeves and any liner notes, posters, or booklets that may be included.

Audible Inspection


We listen carefully to gauge the number of clicks and pops on each vinyl record after the deep clean. Once we have the results, we begin building the exclusive AAGS grading score for your album.

Exclusive AAGS Scoring


By utilizing a proprietary algorithm, AAGS delivers a single, comprehensive record grading score that sums up the visual inspection of the disks, outer sleeve, inner sleeve, and inserts, audible inspection and the quality of the sound produced. 

Exclusive AAGS Certificate


Each album receives an authentic AAGS certificate that slips into the outer archival sleeve. Each certificate is serial numbered and outfitted with metadata for the record, and includes a play log register on the back to track how many times the album has been listened to since grading. 

Metadata At a Glance


Ever wonder which pressing you have? Who mastered your album? Which pressing plant it came from? We decode the "dead wax" and other details about your album and include the metadata on the AAGS record grading certificate!

Valuing Your Record


By referencing multiple sources including the Goldmine grading/price guide, and accessible online stores and auctions to determine what albums that match your albums condition and pressing version have sold for recently, we value your vinyl record for insurance purposes.  

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