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AAGS Announces Encapsulation and Grading Service for Collectible Vinyl Records

AAGS is the first to offer encapsulation and grading service as part of a major brand relaunch, while continuing to offer cleaning, soft-grading, and vinyl-to-digital transfer services.

Funkstown, MD, April 4, 2022 - Audiophile Archive & Grading Services (AAGS) has pioneered a new service for the collectible vinyl community with the first-ever encapsulation and grading services as part of a major brand relaunch. The encapsulation preserves and protects the integrity of collectable and investable vinyl records, while maintaining their cleaning and grading services. 

Encapsulation of vinyl records is now the newest addition to the collectors market and has never been done before. Encapsulation of media is a tried-and-true service in the collectables industry as is seen with Comic Books, Trading Cards, Video Games, VHS Tapes. AAGS encapsulation is all encompassing with grading, certifying, and sealing of a vinyl record into a museum quality acrylic holder to preserve its condition. Each encapsulation features a beautiful label displaying the grade and any relevant album information and is constructed from scratch resistant acrylic with UV resistant benefits.

“Vinyl Record encapsulation is a game changer for collectors, and better yet, we are thrilled to know that we are doing something that has never been done before,” says Andrew Hoffman, founder of AAGS. “Our soft-grading services have been doing well but have been serving a different function. Our clients have also been asking for a way to permanently encapsulate their valuable records. Doing so makes what was just a hobby for listening and collecting expand into one with substantial investment potential, while still allowing the collector to appreciate the artwork. With our high-res transfer services, you can still listen to your encapsulated vinyl!”

The AAGS relaunch will still continue with its popular cleaning subscriptions, now known as Improve My Grooves. The program will be the same as prior to the relaunch, with high quality ultrasonic cleaning and packaging to keep each collectible safe as it travels to and from our facility.

AAGS will continue to provide the soft-grading services that collectors have been trusting for years.. Vinyl collectables will continue be cleaned, graded and assigned a numerical score with the following changes:  

  • The grading label has been redesigned and is now placed over the seal for the plastic sleeve that the record is in with a tamper proof label underneath. Any grading score will be voided once this seal is opened. Soft-grading is ideal for resale of graded records when the collector does not want to commit to encapsulation. 
  • Soft-grading is ideal if AAGS needs to act as a ‘middleman’ between the collector and the buyer to validate the grade of a purchased item.

The AAGS relaunch will provide collectors with an enhanced customer experience by way of a streamlined website that will continue to offer visitors new and exciting services and news for the Audiophile industry.

AAGS protects the integrity of your vinyl records by offering services like grading certification, ultrasonic cleaning, and digital transfers. For more information about AAGS, please visit us at