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AAGS Hi-Res Backups Explained

Originally published September 14, 2020|Our Services



Audiophiles spend considerable time and resources seeking their favorite albums' best possible sounding pressings. Once procured, how do we protect our investment? And how can we enjoy them anywhere we go? Well, it would be impossible if you decided to purchase every title on your record shelf in digital HI-RES format, and the library doesn't exist. With such finite HI-RES titles available, audiophiles are limited to the HI-RES music sources available for on-the-go listening.

Is it possible to obtain digital HI-RES copies of your record collection? The answer is YES! You can even listen to a HI-RES backup of YOUR actual records.

AAGS has created a system to backup your albums into the HI-RES format you prefer. Not only would you have a backup, but you will also be able to listen to your favorite pressing anywhere that you have a HI-RES audio player.
But what exactly are AAGS HI-RES backups? And how does the process work? These questions and more will be answered in this article.

AAGS HI-RES Backups—What Are They?

We begin by cleaning your valuable record ultrasonically and then play it back on an audiophile reference system. We record the album in full HI-RES, and it sounds so good that we virtually cannot hear the difference between the digital recording and the original analog source. Finally, we meticulously remove the pops and clicks without affecting the tonal quality of the recording.


How Does The Transfer Process Work?

To have your record transferred to a HI-RES digital backup, go to, click on the Shop button and order the Hi-Res Vinyl Record Transfer service. When we transfer and backup your record, your HI-RES album is available as a digital download. You also can upgrade to receive a custom AAGS USB card So that you have a hard copy of your backup and HI-RES album.

AAGS transfers are available in WAV 192k/24b and FLAC 192k/24b. Hi-Resolution MP3 options are also available for an additional cost.

The equipment used for our HI-RES backups is audiophile-grade, features high-end A/D converters, introduces virtually no tone coloring, and performs NO tonal manipulation. We do not use compressors, equalizers, or anything that would change the original signal. We take the RAW audio and save it in high-quality FLAC or WAV. We have a process that removes the pops and clicks from the digitized files; however, if it is requested that we keep those in, we will do that too! NOTE: Removing the pops and clicks does NOT affect the tonal quality of the recording.


Why Are Backups Important?

Not only can you enjoy your collection wherever you are, but you can also rest assured that you can keep listening to the record you just had encapsulated. Also, if something unmentionable happens with your physical collection, you will, at the very least, have the precious high-resolution backups of your favorite titles to enjoy. Our high-resolution backup system is unique to AAGS, and we are happy to offer this valuable service to the vinyl community!


If you are interested in vinyl record encapsulation or any of our other services, please visit us at to learn more about how you can bring your collection to the next level!