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The Worlds First and Leading Grading Service For Vinyl Records

Audiophile Archive & Grading Services (AAGS) protects the integrity and investment of your vinyl records by offering services like encapsulation, grading, certification, ultrasonic cleaning, and high resolution digital transfers.

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Collecting Vinyl 101

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What you need to know to collect and encapsulate your vinyl records

In this eBook we breakdown all of the basics of vinyl record collecting to help you get your collection started! How to make the most of your vinyl record collection and hobby.

You will learn:

  • What to collect
  • How to collect it
  • How the encapsulation process works

What We Do:

AAGS offers encapsulation services for your collectable vinyl records. We also offer, soft-grading, ultrasonic cleaning subscriptions, and high resolution digital transfers. All of our services are designed to protect the integrity of your vinyl records.

Our Services

Vinyl Record Encapsulation

Preserve the integrity of your collectible vinyl records with AAGS encapsulations. Encapsulations are made of museum-grade acrylic and feature a scratch-resistant surface and UV filtration to keep your record covers nice and bright over time.


Soft-grading labels for collectors who would like to have a non-permanent 3rd-party grade.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Subscriptions

How Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaning Subscriptions work: Sign up, receive your AAGS welcome kit, ship us your records with the supplied cartons, shipping supplies, and return shipping label, we clean them and ship them back, and next month, we will do it all again!

Vinyl to Digital Transfer

All hi-res transfers are performed on audiophile tube gear. We sample each track at 192k/24b resolution and gently apply pop-click removal. However, we use no compression or tonal processing. We want you to have the same, if not better, listening experience as listening to the original record. 320k MP3 files are also available upon request.

Why Enhance Your Collection With AAGS?


Our encapsulations are made of high-grade museum quality acrylic, featuring anti-scratch and UV-resistant coatings. 


Just because your collectible record is encapsulated doesn't mean you can't listen to it anymore! We can perform a Hi-Res backup for you!


Encapsulating your vinyl records make for a wise investment. As with many other types of media (i.e., comics, trading cards, etc.), encapsulation results in a much higher resell value for vinyl records.

"I'll be sure to let others know about AAGS, as I think your services are a great asset to the record collecting community."

- Brett W.

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