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The First-Ever Vinyl Record Ultrasonic Cleaning Subscription Service

Archive-quality cleaning for your collection without the cost, time, and hassle of owning your own cleaner!

5 Per Month


Price includes:
  • Archival Quality Deep Cleaning for each Vinyl Record
  • Anti-Static Sleeve for each Vinyl Record
  • Cleaning ID Card for each Album
  • Custom Subscription Packaging for Five Vinyl Records
  • Round-Trip Shipping


25 Per Month


Price Includes:
  • Archival Quality Deep Cleaning for each Vinyl Record
  • Anti-Static Sleeve for each Vinyl Record
  • Cleaning ID Card for each Album
  • Custom Subscription Packaging for each group of 5 Vinyl Records
  • Master Shipping Carton that fits Five Subscription Cartons
  • Round-Trip Shipping


How does the subscription service work?
  1. Place the order
  1. Receive our welcome kit
  1. Ship records to Improve My Grooves to be cleaned
  1. Enjoy the sound quality of your records deep cleaned with high-end ultrasonic cleaning machines.
What have you done to prevent my records from getting damaged in shipping?

We have invested in custom packaging to minimize the risk of damage. The outer carton is made of robust and double-ply cardboard used for shipping engine parts. The outside of the box is the brightest of white to keep the boxes as cool as possible during warmer months. Inside is a smaller mailing carton with stiffeners to keep your records securely packaged. Durable bubble rolls on each side give your records a smooth ride.

Yea... our customers have told us that it's overkill, but we're not shipping something silly like the Mona Lisa or the Hope Diamond. We're shipping your record collection! So we have to do it right!

What happens if my records get lost or damaged during shipping?

Aside from our groovy packaging, we also insure each package of 5 records for $500; for 25 records, $1500. If you need us to increase the insurance on a certain shipment or all, we pass the additional cost over to you, but it's insignificant. Since we provide the labels, we initiate the claim process and do whatever we can to help find your records, or get them replaced. 

What is your cleaning process?

Our cleaning process starts with cleaning the runout groove. Then we run it through a cleaner and solution that will knock down on the large debris, grease, and fingerprints. Next the first ultrasonic heavy cleaning cycle with a cleaning solution that is formulated with archival deep cleaning in mind. The final ultrasonic cleaning cycle is a rinse cycle and uses pure degassed distilled water. Finally the record is spot-free dried under forced air that is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the record. Once finished, the cleaned record goes straight into an anti-static sleeve. 

Can I cancel whenever I want?

Yes, our subscriptions are 100% commitment-free; however, our customers have enjoyed our service for many months and we're sure you will too!

How do I ensure that my records aren't delivered when I'm away?

If you will be away for vacation, or working etc. and you know that you won't be home during a certain timeframe, please let us know and we can schedule the delivery to arrive at a time that you know you will be home.

What's Included:

  • Archival Quality Deep Cleaning 

    Pre-Wash Manual Cycle, Heavy  Ultrasonic Cycles, and Forced-Air Drying Cycle
  • Cleaning ID Card

    Once cleaned, each record receives a cleaning ID tag that indicates the date of the cleaning, the artist, title of the album, and the matrix code. 

  • Fresh Anti-Static Sleeve

    Each record receives a fresh anti-static archival sleeve to keep the record clean
  • Custom Packaging 

    Our packaging is overkill, but we are carrying precious cargo! We have a double boxed system; the outer carton is made of double-ply cardboard, the inner box is a conventional record shipper, and it's surrounded with bubble rolls. Trust us, your records are safe with us!

"You are a PRO....Nice job cleaning the first batch of LPs. Wonderful details can be heard that were buried deep in the grooves before cleaning.  Thank you very much!"
Chris O.

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